Kit Suggestions for a day on the hill

Walking kit list suggestions
Relax, take some well-deserved time out to reconnect with nature in an adventurous and stress-free way. Walking is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep fit and promote natural wellbeing. We have compiled a list of a few suggested basics for day trip walkers.

This checklist features a basic overview. Each walker is different, and you know your needs more than anybody, so use this list as a guide.

Suggestions for kit for a day out walking
• Waterproof Outer (Can always be kept in the rucksack until needed, don’t leave home without it)
• Insulating Mid layer (Fleeces, softshell jackets, down jackets, dependent on the weather)
• Breathable Base layer (Look for technical materials, avoid cotton t-shirts)
• Walking Trousers (Quick drying trousers with a good range of movement, avoid denim)
• Waterproof Over trousers (A great option for over your walking trousers in a downpour)
• Hats & Gloves
• Rucksack/Daypack (Well fitted, adjusted correctly and comfortable)
• Watch (Or any reliable method of telling the time)
• Walking Boots/Shoes
• Breathable Walking Socks (Merino wool is ideal, avoid cotton if possible)
What to carry in your rucksack?
• Personnel First Aid Kit/medication
• Mobile Phone
• Emergency Whistle
• Map & Compass (Even if you use GPS)
• Torch or Headtorch
• Sun cream
• Sunglasses (Snow can be bright, so worth taking them in winter also)
• Blister Relief
• Spare Laces
• Bottled Water (Keep yourself hydrated)
• Flask of Hot Drink
• High Energy Snacks (Flapjack, Kendal Mint Cake offer a release of energy when tired)
• Tasty lunch sandwiches or wraps or soup and sandwich
• Spare Warm Clothing
• Spare Socks
• Emergency Contact Details

Other things you may like to add as personal preference
• Walking Poles (Help take some of the pressure off your knees when walking)
• Gaiters
• Camera
• Sit Mat

Path2Peaks’ Busy Summer Season

What a great summer its been………………

We started the season with the usual D of E Bronze and Silver training with some amazing teenagers.

Well done to Ang who passed her Gold assessors course in the Lake district with 2 nights wild camping checking the kids were following the 20 D of E conditions 🙂


We led a group of ladies on the ‘Lady Anne walk’ from Skipton to Penrith 100 miles carrying all our kit and had 5 nights wild camping and amazing weather.


Coast 2 coast saw 5 youngsters pushed to their limits as they walked 192 miles in 12 days a fantastic walk where we took all the high-routes through the lake district including scrambling over Striding Edge and climbing Wainwrights favorite mountain Haystacks, were we found  Innominate Tarn, where his ashes were scattered “If you … should get a bit of grit in your boot as you are crossing Haystacks in the years to come,” he had urged his readers, “please treat it with respect. It may be me.”


We had ladies wild camping on Snowdon – Wild and Solo for the very first time conquering their fears……………………………….

wild camp snowdonia

Bush craft wow what an amazing week  kids out of the city and out of their comfort zone learning how to survive equipped with the right knowledge and skills even surviving an aircraft wreck and ended up being the survivors receiving first aid.

Moors for the future – day on Kinder – A day with the team learning all about the conservation that has taken place changing Kinder from an acid plateau as acidic as lemon juice !!! to its natural environment filled with varieties of Sphagnum mosses

And we had some great walks with our regular ‘Wellbeing walks’ followers on Kinder, Dovedale, Stanage edge, Curbar, Froggat and Longshaw to name but a few and lots of mini adventures in between

Our ladies even managed to summit Snowdon as one of their personal challenges

Snowdon May Newsletter

We have posted our next Free ‘Well being walks’ and will be talking to you very soon about some super trips we have planned for next year


Angela and Bev

Angela Owen & Bev England