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Edale Well-Being Retreat

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24th – 26th September 2021

Back by popular demand – Walks, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Wild Swimming, Friendship Building and so much more. Do you fancy indulging yourself in a weekend of selfcare and relaxation? If the answer is yes, then join us in September for our Women’s wellbeing retreat.

Weekend –  £130 per person includes camping pitch and all wellbeing activities over the weekend (Excludes Camping equipment and Food and Drink) Day – £65 per person -Join us either the Saturday or Sunday. There will be a communal area for sharing, drinking herbal tea and eating the delicious lentil dahl and rice we will have prepared for you.

How will you spend your time at the retreat?

  • Yoga (Restorative)
  • Optional Wild Swimming
  • Nidra Meditation
  • Inspiring Quotes and Poetry Readings
  • Self Massage
  • Hiking
  • Breathwork
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Journaling Exercises

Kit List
A portable stove – Don’t forget the gas.
Cutlery: cup/plate/spork, pans to cook in  
Wash up liquid and t towel
Sleeping mat  
Sleeping bag: Something appropriate to the season. Down or synthetic are great.
Camping Pillow/pillow or you can always roll up clothes.
Head Torch/Hand torch  
Large water bottle – we use a Nalgene bottle as it will take boiling water and you can put it into the foot of your  sleeping bag as a hot water bottle.
Food and drinks meals for Friday night, Saturday all day and Sunday Breakfast and lunch snacks/ chocolate: High energy snacks such as nuts are a great way to keep you going.
Towel and toiletries. Any personnel medication  
Insect repellent: Stops the midges making your life miserable and wards off ticks.  
First aid kit
Sunglasses and sun cream
Warm clothes, pack a fleece, warm jacket, clothes to walk in, swim costume (If you fancy a wild swim?)  Comfortable stretchy clothes for yoga
Gloves, a buff, a warm hat, sun hat with a cap.
Waterproof Jacket
Walking poles .
Waterproof Walking boots/supportive boots to walk in, trainers/Flipflops (Useful when you come out of the shower)
Rucksack for any walks
Yoga mat

Please contact us for any further information, inspiration or any questions you may have.


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