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Path2Peaks Navigation Courses NNAS (National navigation award ) Tutor 

Tuesday 18th May 2021

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Learn the Art of Navigation

Navigation Practice in the Peak District National Park – we will take you off the beaten track, this is a practical and fun way to learn the art of navigation. Our hands on, one or two day courses are based in the Dark Peak area, which is a perfect place to practice navigational skills. Select from our Bronze, Silver or Gold packages. These courses make a fantastic gift for someone who loves the great outdoors and would like to improve their skills and confidence – encouraging them to create their own safe adventures.

Prices include a qualified and insured Mountain Leader with a Wilderness First Aid Certification and NNAS (National navigation scheme) Tutor award  



  • 1 day course
  • Understanding Map Symbols, scale, cardinal points
  • How to Orientate the Map, and how to set the map
  • Thumbing – how to keep track of progress on simple line features
  • Introducing the Compass and needle for map setting
  • Basic judgement of distance, measuring distance on the ground and timing and pacing on flat ground.
  • Estimate Distances
  • Reading the land introducing contours
  • 1:25000 map local walk on tracks actively learning


  • 2 day Course
  • Set a Compass Bearing
  • Measure Distances Accurately
  • Estimate time for Height
  • Identify Contours
  • Identify Appropriate Routes
  •  Locate Attack Points
  • Cost £125 per person


  • 2 day Course, 1 night camping + Night Navigation
  • Use Landform Features
  • Intricate Contour Details
  • Timing, Pacing and Distance
  • Appropriate Strategy for a Navigational Leg
  • Back Bearings
  • Cost £175 per person


Contact us for more information, or  to organise a tailor-made course to suit your needs and availability, we work on a 1 to 4  ratio to ensure you receive quality hands on tuition.

What you will learn

Gain the confidence needed to successfully plan your own navigationally challenging walks, or refresh rusty techniques.

  • Setting the map
  • Interpreting contours
  • Key Symbols
  • How to use the compass
  • Navigating in poor or limited visability
  • Estimating distances using pacing and timings
  • Plan and follow routes across featureless terrain
  • What to do if you think you are lost

Who are they for?

Our courses are perfect for complete novices, seasoned walkers or those wishing to do their HML or ML training. It will give you the confidence needed to devise your own routes.

  • Individuals preparing for a National Body Qualification
  • Team Building Events
  • Novices
  • Seasoned Walkers
  • Duke of Edinburgh Volunteers
  • People Preparing for a Long Distance Trek
  • Hill and Mountain Lovers
  • Duke of Edinburgh Practice
  • People who love the Great Outdoors

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